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Free Shipping | 5% OFF W/ CODE D5
Free Shipping | 5% OFF W/ CODE D5

iFJF FS1003 Fuel Water Separator Spin On for Cummins Replace 3406889 Diesel Parts Engine Maintenance

  • This diesel fuel filter is designed for use with the Cummins 3406889
  • Cross Reference: 340 3406889, 340 4070801, ATL 5580006640, BMC 9P919293, CAP 86604, CET 87302104, CET 87307432, CHP LFF1003, CNH 6904023, FRL 42017745, GON GPP1003, HAS FF1164SPS, KRA FS354, LBF LFF1003, NAP 3604, NHD 8900129805, PPM S6450550, SHI B222100000462, TAT 220747709902, U30 PS8687, U37 33604, V74 BF1263SP, V74 BF1293SPS, VOO VF2818, W26 P551003, W26 P564872, WRN 2056637, XCM WB002065 
  • The Water Separator Filter has a recommended change interval of 15,000 to 30,000 miles
  • The Water Separator Filter prevents fuel problems and helps prolong the life of your engines fuel injection system
  • This diesel fuel filter removes both entrained and emulsified water from your diesel fuel at a 10 Micron level