iFJF S3213 Fuel Water Separating Filter Replacement Filter with O-ring fit 3/8 Inch NPT Outboard Motors 802893Q01

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Size: 35-60494-1 Filter

Replaces Mercury 35-60494-1 and Universal.

To replace element:
1.Drain the unit by loosen the drain screw.
2.Loosen and remove the filter element.
3.Loosen and remove the bowl from filter element.Please attention the bowl is reusable,do not dispose unless broken.
4.Wipe O-ring gland clean,and coat bowl's seal O-ring with fresh oil or grease and place it back to the gland.The tighten the bowl onto filter element firmly by hand.
5.Coat filter element's seal O-ring with fresh oil or grease and attach filter element onto filter head,and the tighten securely by tool.
6.Run engine and check for fuel leakage.

To Drain Water:
1.Loosen drain screw to drain bowl of water.
2.Tighten drain screw.
3.Run engine and check for fuel leakage.
4.Check and replace regularly.

Safety Warning:
Periodically check fittings and filter element for leakage.Be careful when changed fuel filter element.Diesel is extremely flammable and highly explosive under certain conditions.Avoid spilling diesel.Always stop engine and do not smoke or allow open flames in the area while changing filter element.