S3213 Marine Fuel Water Separator Filter Assembly with Clear Bowl 18-7922, 3/8 Inch NPT Port For Outboard Motor Mercury 35-60494-1 Yamaha Racor Sierra Engine Boat 10 Micron - Replaces B32013, 18-7932

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Replaces Mercury 35-60494-1.
Replaces Racor S3213, B32013,18-7932-1,18-7932,18-7928-1,18-7928.
Filter Replaces Mercury Marine 35-809097,Racor S3213,Yamaha MAR-24563-03-00,18-7919,18-7919-1.
Material:The filter is made of aluminum.Anti-oxidation/corrosion.Long service life.
Features:10 micron filters are over 90% efficiency at removing particles as small as 10 microns.10 micron filters are recommended to protect sensitive inboard,sterndrive and outboard fuel injection systems.
Usage:Designed to trap the smallest particles and emulsified water from diesel.
Function:It contributes to clear contaminates protect fuel system.Well sealed.Perfect water fuel separating performance.
Water separating canister:High performance 3/8 NPT ports offer lower pressure drop rates.

To replace element:
1.Drain the unit by loosen the drain screw.
2.Loosen and remove the filter element.
3.Loosen and remove the bowl from filter element.Please note the bowl is reusable,do not dispose unless broken.
4.Wipe O-ring gland clean,and coat bowl's seal O-ring with fresh oil or grease and place it back to the gland.Then tighten the bowl onto filter element firmly by tool.
5.Coat filter element's seal O-ring with fresh oil or grease and attach filter element onto filter head,and the tighten securely by tool.
6.Run engine and check for fuel leakage.

1.Make sure you remove both the filter and the filter bowl from the mounting housing and put a light film of fuel on the o-ring.As delivered it will leak without the lubrication to allow for the proper crush.
2.For diesel transfer tank to filter the fuel before it enters the main tank.Only thing is you have to make sure to get the proper sealant for the threads. For The First time installation,in order to avoid any leaking at the threads.You'd better get some thread paste since the tape might plug the injectors if it were to come loosen.
3.Check and replace regularly.

To Drain Water:
1.Loosen drain screw to drain bowl of water.
2.Tighten drain screw.
3.Run engine and check for fuel leakage.